Boekbinderij Van Waarden was founded in the year 1840 by Johannes Alexander van Waarden, who learned his bookbinding skills with Boekbinderij Brandt. After moving two times, the company settled in the Kalkmarkt in Amsterdam for 63 years. A stately canal house, but not the best place for an industrial company to settle. The site became too small and Amsterdam too unfriendly for companies so the search for a new site began!

New Building
There was no current site that proved to be up to the task of housing the book bindery, and that’s why it was decided to build an entirely new building. And so a plot of land was bought at de Grote Tocht in Zaandam. In 1992 the new building was finished. No longer hindered by the small canal house in Amsterdam, the company started to grow. So much so that even the new site proved to be too small after only six years! So we moved again, this time to the Pieter Lieftinckweg in Zaandam.

After five generations much has been changed in this beautiful family company. However, one thing will always remain the same; the love for the bound book!